Goodwill Works: Meet Katie

Weighing in at one pound, nine ounces at birth and spending four months in the NICU at Children’s Hospital, Katie never expected to fast forward to 2019 with such successes under her belt. Katie Loudermilk stopped by to chat with Marketing Team member, Cindy, and share her success story. Katie is Goodwill’s first participant to graduate from the GoodTech program which focuses on digital skills to prepare an individual for a career opportunity in the technology industry. It consists of two different focus areas. The Core is a three-week program and the Tech is a seven-week program. She was first introduced to the program by her grandmother and division resource counselor and wanted to learn more about what was offered. “I was nervous and excited when I came to the program the first day – nervous about what I was going to learn and what I was going to do,” said Katie. At the end of the first day she knew she had made the right decision to join GoodTech because the teaching atmosphere seemed to focus on individual learning. “I was looking forward to what I would learn tomorrow,” Katie added.

Katie had some previous computer experience, but GoodTech allowed her to refresh her knowledge and skills. She not only earned a certificate in computer technology, but she earned another five certificates for skills in: email, basic computer skills, internet basics, Windows 7 and Microsoft 2010. “I really enjoy learning. Although I will admit I was nervous about testing on the last day of class, but I knew I would pass.”

“The staff are wonderful. Penny, Workforce Development Team Lead, didn’t hesitate to stop when I had a question, when I came across a word I didn’t understand, or when I didn’t know how to do something. Also, special thanks to Amy, Workforce Development Lead, and Morgan, Workforce Development Specialist, for all the hard work they’re doing to help me find a job now that I have completed the program.” Katie hopes to find employment in an environment with electronic filing so she can utilize her computer skills. The GoodTech program “is especially good for those with no skills and the program length is just the right amount of time,” Katie noted.

Katie believes the program teaches you about the importance of having a job, how to get a job, learn computer skills and an excellent choice for those with no computer skills. “It made me want to look for a job and be successful in life,” stated Katie.

As Katie was about to leave from chatting with Cindy, she smiled and shared, “The best part of my day today was coming to talk with you so I could tell others about this great program.”  Katie also added, “If you want to know what I’m most proud of – it is being alive and loving life.”  We can’t wait to see what goal Katie conquers next.