DIY Goodwill Crafted Halloween

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DIY Goodwill Crafted Halloween Costume & All Things Halloween
by Karen Conley

Go to one of our 29 stores to get the family items needed to make their own Goodwill Crafted Costumes. This will save you money all while doing good for the community, too. You can be create your own unique costume that you will not see anywhere else this Halloween.

Utilize the customer generator at for great ideas. Check out the above Mary Poppins costume idea we found on the costume generator. All items were found at the Kingston Pike Goodwill. The entire outfit could be worn again and is more affordable at $21 total than prepackaged costumes, which range from $30 to $129 when I did a quick search online.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your shopping trip to make your Goodwill Crafted Costume and all things Halloween.

Five Tips to DIY Goodwill Crafted Costume & All Things Halloween

Tip #1: Make quick scan of the Goodwill Halloween Costume Generator. This is a great place to start. Click on Costume Themes at the top of the page. It gives you some great ideas and shows list of items needed for the costume. See what you may already have on the short costumes supply list. You can use this to plan and develop your Goodwill Shopping List.

Tip #2: Use a key piece you already own to start your Goodwill Crafted Costume. If you have no idea what you want to be for Halloween, you can pick an item you already own and build a costume from there in the generator. There is a section where you can create your own costume. You pick up to three items you already own in your closet from the list shown. Then, hit the “Generate Your Costume” Button. For example, pick your black dress. Then, use the generator to see what you need to pick up from your local Goodwill to go with the black dress you already own.

Tip #3: Spirited inspiration section helps if you are still need more ideas. This section shows you Goodwill Crafted Costumes from others! Steal their ideas and make them your own.

Tip 4#: Make it your own. Part of the fun of Halloween is dressing up and having fun creating a costume but, it is also about making your space at home feel festive. Look around your space for spots you would want to add a festive touch. Add these needed items to your Goodwill Shopping List so when you are out shopping for costumes items, you can pick up these as well.

Tip #5: Take all things Halloween to next level. Re-purpose and get crafty with items you can use around your home for Halloween decor. For example, pick up a mirror while out at Goodwill or some old books to create a creepy nook on a bookshelf or a spooky mirror in your foyer. Visit the DIY and How-To Section at to see step by step instructions on these and more Halloween projects.

You can find your closest Goodwill Store at Go shop! You’ll be helping people with barriers to employment in your own community get job training.

Now since you’re ready for Halloween, why not pose for a picture and show off your craftiness?

Enter the Goodwill Crafted Costume Contest! Send us your photo entry starting Oct. 1 - Nov. 2nd. Find all contest details here.

We can’t wait to see your Goodwill Crafted Costumes!