Goodwill Works: Meet Caleb

When Caleb found himself homeless and jobless, he decided to make a change. He vowed to adopt a positive attitude and make something good happen in his life. That’s when he came to Goodwill.

Though he had the motivation, 22-year-old Caleb needed support to prepare for his future career. He participated in Goodwill’s Work Adjustment program, where he practiced the skills he would need in a new job. He worked with the Goodwill team to prepare for his job search, creating a resume that highlighted his strengths and participating in mock interviews to overcome his nerves. As his skills increased, so did his confidence.

Now, Caleb works with Buddy’s Barbecue in Knoxville, helping behind the scenes at this popular restaurant. He is learning to budget and is saving his money, planning to move out of his transitional living facility and into his own apartment in 2018.

When you support Goodwill Industries-Knoxville, you help people like Caleb get the tools they need for a self-sufficient future. Learn more how you can make an impact.