Looks for Less: Which Way Will You Wear It?

We all have that one item of clothing that we can't go anywhere without. Whether it's your favorite dress, shoes or accessories, learn how to wear your favorite item in different ways! Create a new look for less. Take a look at these creative videos and blogs on how to wear one item in three ways.

Statement Pieces

Do you have that one special item you love but can't figure out how to style? Create a unique look with that amazing statement piece living in your closet.Try getting inspiration from this styling of a black leather pleated skirt.

Bold Prints

Love prints? Florals, shapes and everything in between- don't be afraid to wear your favorite pattern! Learn how to style your favorite print in multiple ways.

Striped Tee

Who doesn't own a classic striped tee? If you love yours check out these three different ways to style it. If you don't have a striped tee or a tee for that matter, stop by one of your local Goodwill stores. They are sure to have what you're looking for and more!

Need to jazz up a simple dress? Keep it as a dress or turn it into a shirt! Check out how this blogger styles two dresses in three different ways in the video below!

Whatever your go-to piece of clothing or accessory is, create your own style and have fun by switching things up! Try playing with different styles. You could even try stopping at a Goodwill store to find your next fashion favorite. Discovering your personal style doesn't have be expensive!

Perhaps that tried and true item that's gotten you through your worst fashion emergencies isn't as special as it used to be. Donate it! Someone else may fall in love with your piece. Find a store to donate or shop.

About the Author: Samantha, Marketing AmeriCorps

I'm always on a budget. If I can find ways to cut cost, I'm sure to do it. That's why I love the idea of being able to style one item of clothing in multiple ways to create different looks. It's also a super fun way to get creative with your clothes!