Backyard BBQ on a Budget

Your next backyard BBQ doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Enjoy time with friends and family without breaking the bank! Here are some tips on how to have a fun-filled, cost effective BBQ bash.

1. Decorations don't have to cost a fortune- If you want to spice up your BBQ with some festive decorations try stopping by a local Goodwill. You can even get creative like this blogger and make your own decorations from Goodwill finds! Check out the video.

2. Opt for cheaper cuts of meat- You don't have to go all out on gourmet steaks and boneless chicken breasts. Choose the cheaper cuts of steak and bone-in pieces of chicken like drumsticks and thighs. Take a look at what BBC Good Food suggests when choosing cuts of meat.

3. Add some flavor to old favorites- If you stick with hot dogs and hamburgers try stuffing your burgers with your favorite cheese or wrapping your hot dogs in bacon.

4. Make your own sauces and rubs- Don't drop dollars at the grocery store when you can make your own delicious creations! Try mixing some of your spices or making BBQ sauce from ketchup. Take a look at this easy recipe!

5. Don't get too fancy on the accessories- Grilling experts say all you need is a meat thermometer and a good pair of tongs. Check out how this Goodwill shopper found an amazing deal on a brand new grill. You might even pick up some grilling tips!

6. Try not to go overboard on your fuel-You don't need 10 pounds of charcoal to cook a meal that feeds 4 to 6 people, 3 pounds should be plenty! If you're using propane you only need to cook meat on high for about 5 minutes. The rest can be cooked on low to medium.

7. Make it a potluck! You can save on side dishes and desserts if encourage everyone to bring a dish.

8. Serve what's in season- You can rack up a huge food bill if you buy fruits, vegetables and meats that aren't in season. Check out this seasonality chart for what's in season locally!

You don't have to go overboard to have a great, low-budget BBQ that will surely impress your friends! If you are planning on decorating for your BBQ, be sure to check out one of your local Goodwill stores. They are sure to always have what you need! 

About the Author

I love getting together with friends over a meal, especially a BBQ. I also love to save money so if I can have a BBQ on a budget, I'm all in!