Goodwill Works: Meet Terri Zguro

When you first meet Terri Zguro, you notice that she has a quiet and kind demeanor. As you learn more about her, you realize that she’s a thoughtful and caring individual who, while facing her own challenges, is passionate about helping others. She has volunteered with her local senior center, AmeriCorps, and has helped others in her housing community learn to garden.

“I always like to help others,” she said. “It comes natural to me.”

Terri entered Goodwill’s Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) program in 2014. She was hesitant – she had never graduated from high school and the 6 week intensive CNA class was daunting – but she was willing to try. She found herself surrounded by supportive teachers and classmates, who helped her understand the materials and excel in the classroom.

Terri graduated from the CNA program in 2014. “To have that certificate means more than anything,” Terri shared.

Soon after her graduation, Terri relocated to Cookeville, where she finally had the confidence to enroll and complete a GED program. “I wanted to go back to high school all my life. That’s my regret,” she said. “Doing the CNA class made it easier.”

Terri isn’t sure what her next step in life is, but she’s confident that she has many more options now that she has her GED. “I’m still going to learn,” she said. “Just because I graduated doesn’t mean I’m not going to go to school for something – I’m just not sure what yet.”

“You have to know who you are,” Terri said. “You do that by trying new things, and if you don’t succeed at that, there’s something else you can succeed at… I call myself a work in progress every day.”

Though Terri decided not to work as a CNA, she is glad she took the class and recommends that others do the same. “Once they realize that certificate means a lot, it could take you places you’ve never been, along with you high school diploma,” she said. “Right now, I have endless opportunities.”

Goodwill’s CNA class is unique in that having a high school diploma or equivalent is not a requirement to participate. We encourage all students to reach their highest potential and utilize the training to obtain employment in the healthcare field, and our success is monumental. In fact, we have a 100% in-field placement rate for our Morristown classes in 2015.

Though Terri decided not to pursue employment in the healthcare field, we are so proud of her for continuing her educational journey and are pleased that participating in the class gave her the confidence she needed to pursue her life-long dream. 

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