Spring Cleaning Closet Hacks You Need to Try


Now that it is officially spring, you may be preparing to do some cleaning for a smooth transition into the new season. If you find yourself wanting to clean out your closet but are having trouble on how to start, we can help!

Cleaning out your closet is not hard if you know how and where to start. Check out these hacks that can help you get started on organizing your closet. Keep in mind that most of these items can be purchased from any local Goodwill!

10 Quick and Easy Closet Hacks

  1. Use S shaped hooks to hang your purses. This will make it easier to grab the purse you want without damaging it's shape.
  2. Use a hot glue gun and pipe cleaners to create no-slip hangers. Wrap pipe cleaners on the ends of your hangers and secure them with a hot glue gun.
  3. Organize flip flops and flats with a magazine organizer or letter sorter. This will help maximize your space.
  4. Use a lid rack to organize your clutches, wallets or small purses. This will make it easier to find your favorite one!
  5. Try hanging tank tops or sleeveless shirts with shower curtain hooks by lining them on a hanger.
  6.  Store your flats and other shoes in clear, labeled boxes. You'll be able to see which shoes you want to wear and you'll keep them clean and dry.
  7. Create a system for knowing which clothes you don't wear often. Turn all hangers backwards. When you wear an item of clothing turn the hanger right side out. Get rid of all backwards hangers if they haven't been worn in 12 months!
  8. Use different colored hangers to organize seasonal clothes.
  9. Try placing a cloth napkin with a hole cut out in the center over hangers to prevent dust from getting onto your clothes.
  10. Be ready to donate! Have a Goodwill box near your closet so you can eliminate items you decide you no longer need. Find a donation location near you!

Get more details on these tips and tricks here! Also be sure check out 8 Questions to Ask When Cleaning Out Your Closet!

Looking for more ways to clean and organize your closet? Check out the video below!

There are many department stores that can help you out with organization, but why not try your local Goodwill first? You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find!

When you donate or shop at Goodwill, you directly support Goodwill's job training programs in your community. Look good, feel good and do good this spring with Goodwill!

About the Author: Samantha, Marketing AmeriCorps

Spring is one of my favorite times of year and I find cleaning therapeutic. So, spring cleaning is perfect for me. It also gives me a reason to shop for current spring trends!