Get Ready for Easter at Goodwill

It's the start of Spring, but that doesn't mean your budget has to spring out of control! Check out our tips for celebrating in style without breaking the bank.

Get the Clothes

Though it's fun to dress up the little ones for Easter, buying new clothes each Spring can get expensive! Luckily, dressy clothes are easy to find at Goodwill; kids typically grow out of their Easter best before they have time to put any wear on them. 

We visited WVLT with an Easter fashion show full of great finds at low costs. Get some tips for thrifting in this video.

Make Your Basket Something Special

Don't spend loads of money on an Easter basket this year! Create your own low-cost, customized basket!


Don't buy a basket at full cost! Goodwill always has a variety of baskets in store.

Tip: Get a small basket so you spend less money filling it.

Get the kids involved: If you want to add some color, let the kids pick out the spraypaint so they have their own custom color!

Give your basket even more custom flair with these easy DIY pom flowers, a great activity to do with the kids!

All you need:

  • a fork
  • yarn
  • a piece of wire or pipecleaner
  • a piece of string
  • scissors

Step 1.
Hold the wire and the fork in the same hand and wrap the yarn around them. This may be a little tricky to start, but once you get the yarn looped around a few times, everything will hold together. Wrap the yarn around the fork tines about 12 times - it doesn't have to be tight. When you're done wrapping, make sure your wire is positioned at the edge of the fork.

Step 2.
After cutting the yarn, pinch the wire and twist it as tightly as possible to gather the yarn.

Step 3.
Thread the piece of string around the yarn in the fork's first tine and tie as tight as possible. This will help the pom face forward, making it look thicker and fuller. Note: This is one of the hardest steps; you have to tie tight to keep the string from slipping off. Parents may want to help younger kids.

Step 4.
Gently pull the yarn, wire and string off the fork. 

Step 5.
Stick your scissors through the yarn loops and cut. Trim any extra string and you've got a beautiful little pom flower. Twist the remaining wire together to create a stem, or wrap it around the handle of the basket to decorate! 

Tip: Use yellow yarn to make daffodil look-alikes.

For the final bit of customization, fill the basket with Goodwill finds. This basket has a brand new journal, a puzzle and a stuffed animal from Goodwill, but you could fill it with whatever your kid likes. Because we picked a small basket, we only added a little candy to help it look full and ready for Easter. This saves money and keeps the kids from eating too many sweets!

Tip: Know the Goodwill sales! We always have a color tag half price in our stores, so find goodies with that tag for even more savings. Keep up with our sales here.