Goodwill Works: Meet Callie

Callie was running in different directions to try to make her dream come true. Her dream: to have her scratch-made jam business be her single income source, but Callie was juggling three part-time jobs while staying with friends in order to make ends meet and she wasn’t gaining any ground.

Knowing that she needed to make some changes in order to develop her business, Callie decided to relocate to Knoxville in order to have access to stable, full-time employment opportunities and more affordable living options.

"Life is like a marathon. You can get distracted, but you must keep your focus on the finish line to get there," claims Callie, and that is just the attitude she needed to get what she needed.

While looking for work in Knoxville, Callie was referred to Goodwill when a potential employer noted that she needed to brush up on her computer skills before gaining employment with them. Upon meeting with Goodwill’s Workforce Development Team, Callie learned about Goodwill’s Good Jobs. Great Careers. program and promptly enrolled.

This partnership would prove to be a game changer for Callie. Through one-on-one counseling, the team zeroed in on what Callie needed to gain stable employment and connected her with plentiful resources available both at Goodwill and within our community that could help her on her journey.

Stable employment was the first step and Ayoka worked with Callie to prepare her to meet employers at an upcoming job fair hosted by Goodwill. Callie presented herself and her skill-set very well and was hired into a full-time positions at Weigels Bakery – a perfect fit for Callie’s culinary background.

Callie explained, "Ayoka (Good Jobs. Great Careers., program coordinator) helped me eliminate all the miscellaneous and move forward with specific steps to help keep my focus on the finish line of achieving my dream…My favorite part of this program was being able to get a full-time job to gain stability in my life and have the opportunity to learn even more at the Weigel's Bakery. This stability is so important in my job and household as well."

With a major barrier broken down, Callie is now working on finding her forever home. She is currently house hunting and is determined to achieve each incremental goal, with the support of Goodwill, and she will make her ultimate dream of running a homemade jam business come true. Thank you for donating, shopping, and helping Callie find the support she needed to achieve her dreams and change her life through the power of work!