The Best Months to Buy: Buying Clothes and Accessories in the Off Seasons


Ever wonder what the trick is to shopping? Depending on what you are looking for depends on the month for the best time to buy clothes, accessories and more. You can end up spending less if you know when to shop!

January: Suits. January is typically a month where suit sales are low. Retailers will lower suit prices to boost sales. If you're in need of a suit, buy one in January!

February: Jewelry. During February, jewelry sales are heavily promoted. Valentine's Day plays a big part in this. Buy jewelry at bargain prices for that special someone-you!

March: Luggage. March is best for purchasing luggage. Spring break sales put luggage at an all time low. Save on your next trip by buying luggage during the month of March!

April: Raincoats. Don't take the phrase "April showers bring May flowers" lightly. Retails stock up on raincoats and aim to sell before May. Don't get caught in the rain-buy your raincoat in April!

May: Athletic Apparel. May means it's almost time to hit the beach! Buy your athletic gear in May to be ready for your next beach vacation. 

June- August: Summer clothes and Swimsuits. Sales on summer collections are in full effect during these months. Discounts usually increase during August!

September: Sunglasses. With Daylight Savings being two months away, sunglasses begin to be marked down. Buy sunglasses in September for next summer.

October: Jeans. After back to school shopping comes to a close, retailers lower jean prices to move inventory. Rock your favorite pair of jeans by buying in October.

November: Items you want to splurge on! Black Friday and Cyber Monday make it easy for you to buy the luxury items you've been wanting all year at a fraction of the cost.

December: Outerwear. Stores want to start setting up spring collections so outerwear becomes discounted. Buy your winter coat and be prepared for the next cold season!

Next time you shop, think about what you want to buy and see if it is a good month to buy that item. You can save money and get the items you're looking for! 

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