Goodwill Works: Meet Becky

Becky had been a hard worker the majority of her life until, one day, she was faced with a tough decision and had to leave her job and find work elsewhere. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned and finding a new job was harder than expected; Becky ended up without a job for about ten years. So when she was referred to Goodwill for help seeking employment, she definitely had her work cut out for her!

While at Goodwill, Becky went through the Supported Employed program and worked with staff members to build a set of skills that would help her feel comfortable and prepared in a new job. She learned to write a resume, was coached on job interviews and time management skills.

“I had never made a resume before, so it was kind of strange for me,” she said. After hard work and a lot of training, Becky was finally ready to start a new job.

When asked about the environment and staff at Goodwill she said, “There are a lot of nice people there.” Becky worked closely with Goodwill’s Customer Service Program Manager, Jessica Schaeffer, to help build her confidence and develop her skills.  “She has done a lot for me. She is a very smart woman and she knows a lot.”

After much support and a long search, she finally landed a job that she enjoys at the Holiday Inn as a laundry maid! Congrats Becky!