Fashion Flashback

There's no doubt that history repeats itself. We all know it to be true with fashion, especially. It can be hard to stay up on the latest trends but you may look and find that some of the most current fashion trends never left your closet! If these trends did leave your closet, they are right around the corner at Goodwill!

Some of the most popular fashion trends have made a comeback from decades past. Prepare to be overcome with nostalgia!

  1. Animal Print-It’s back! Animal print as a fashion statement has become more and more popular over the past few years from jackets to accessories.
  2. High-Waisted Pants- This style has taken a turn for the better since the 1990's. Pair them with your favorite heels! Learn how to coordinate your high waisted jeans with any outfit here!
  3. Jean Jackets- If you’ve always been a fan of the jean jacket, you’re in luck. A denim jacket can be seen on casual outfits and even on high-fashion looks. Pair it with your favorite spring dress!
  4. 90's Inspired Grunge – All the way from floral dresses with combat boots to flannel shirts and black leather jackets, this style is here to stay (for now). Check out how rock your 90's gear here!
  5. Dark Lipstick- AKA "wine colored lipstick" provides the perfect contrast to your make-up routine. Give it a try!
  6. Platform Shoes-These shoes may be commonly seen in a chunky sandal or tennis shoe. Perk: height boost! Check out how to create your own style with these shoes here!
  7. Flower Crowns- Not just a Snapchat filter? These beautiful creations are a blast from decades past! They recreate that 1970's bohemian feel and add a floral touch to any outfit. Step your outfit up a notch with your favorite flower crown.
  8. The Fanny Pack- It's the perfect place to store your phone, keys and wallet on the go. Check out all the different styles here!
  9. Choker Necklace-Everyone remembers this 90's staple! It is now a must have with your everyday outfit. Learn how to wear a choker here!
  10. Scrunchies! Who doesn't remember pulling their hair back with this accessory? Scrunchies have made their way on to the celebrity scene. Try rocking that ponytail or braid with a long lost scrunchie here.

Whether you want to explore the most cutting edge fashion or try some of these modern comebacks, you don’t have to travel far. Goodwill always has what you’re looking for! Who knows? You may start a trend of your own!

When you donate or shop at Goodwill, you help us further our mission of helping those who have barriers to employment in their community. Shop at a store near you or donate some of these timeless pieces!

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About the Author: Samantha, Marketing AmeriCorps

I love being able to incorporate old styles into my outfits. Whoever said that fashion was anything new and different? Fashion is what makes you happy!