Good Neighbors: Meet Carmen

At Goodwill, we rely on businesses in our community to hire our clients. Though we provide support and guidance for our clients and their new coworkers, sometimes the partnering managers blow us away with the level of support they provide for their staff.

Carmen Limon is one such manager. Her dedication to her staff is outstanding and apparent, making the Seven Oaks McDonalds in Knoxville a bright and positive place to work and eat.

When Carmen started working at McDonalds 17 years ago, she was a crew member, just like the two Goodwill clients that she currently has working at her location. In the last two decades, Carmen has risen through the ranks to become General Manager, but she never forgot those first lessons that her managers taught her.

“You have to think, you come here to spend four or five hours of your life,” she shared. “So I want you to be super excited to come and enjoy those hours here. “

Carmen says that she tries to keep spirits high in her McDonalds, both for her staff and her customers. She never underestimates the power of a smile or the effect of a bit of praise.

“Customers always say they love this McDonalds because the crew always smiles and everybody works as a team,” said Carmen.

We love seeing managers who take extra steps to care about their staff. We know that our clients will be supported long after their time with Goodwill, thanks to managers like Carmen.

About Goodwill

Goodwill Industries-Knoxville provides vocational training and employment opportunities to individuals with barriers to employment. We change thousands of lives each year in East Tennessee by connecting people with jobs that work for them. We are always seeking community partners to hire our clients or to host trial work experiences for our clients. Learn more at or by calling 865.588.8567.