Get Your Closet Ready for Summer

With summer quickly approaching, it is time to get your wardrobe ready for the warmer weather. When winter finally fades, I get the itch to clean out my closet and shop for some new pieces to freshen up my summer looks. I love being able to change up my wardrobe, but my wallet doesn’t love the prices at the mall. With this in mind, I have created some tips to help you (and me!) shop for summer fashion at Goodwill!

Mind Your Fabrics

Here in East Tennessee, it can get hot and humid during the summer. In order to stay the coolest possible, it is important to wear fabrics that will breathe. The best fabrics to look for are cotton and linen to keep you comfortable on those long summer days. Stay away from fabrics high percentages of spandex or polyester; these items will trap heat next to your body. I picked out two 100% cotton shirts that will keep me comfortable all summer long.

Bring on the Color

When it warms up, it is time to break out the bright colors and pastels. Unlike the winter which usually lends itself to a darker palette, summer is the perfect time for your pinks, yellows, and bright greens.

A Dress with a Print

If you are considering buying some new dresses for summer, keep an eye out for a dress with a print. Prints can be a good way to add visual interest to your outfit without having to add extra clothes or accessories.

Shade your Eyes

Sunglasses are necessary for any summer outing. They will protect your eyes and help you see in those brighter months.


Sail Away with Stripes

Stripes are always a popular print in the summer because they evoke a nautical feeling. You will be ready to go sailing at the drop of a hat.

Pretty in Pants

As much as I would like to avoid pants during the summer, they can be necessary. If you want to stay cool, I recommend searching for looser, light-weight pants. Now is also the time to break out your lighter colored pants, such as these pairs I found.

Stylin’ in Sandals

It is the time of year to put away your boots and break out the sandals. When I search for new summer footwear, I always like to look for wedges and sandals that will keep my feet cool and comfortable. Some people recommend that you buy your summer footwear a half or whole size bigger in case your feet swell in the heat, so if that is a problem for you, make sure to keep that in mind when search for those perfect sandals.

As you can see, one of the main concerns I have when putting together my summer wardrobe is staying cool and comfortable while remaining stylish. I hope that these tips have given you some inspiration on how you might be able to update your closet for the months ahead. Don’t forget to stop by your local Goodwill and watch our website for special events and sales so you can refresh your style without breaking the bank. 

About Alyssa Watson

Alyssa is an AmeriCorps member serving at Goodwill Industries Knoxville in the Marketing Department. She recently started her first garden and is excited to hang out on her deck this summer.