Goodwill for the Planet

Earth Day is April 22nd, and we're celebrating! Check out our social media pages on April 22nd for your personal one-day-only Earth Day sale!

Earth Day was founded in 1970, but Goodwill has been celebrating the principles of reducing, reusing and recycling since 1902. You probably already know that Goodwill accepts donations of your used clothing, housewares and furniture, offering a sustainable shopping alternative to conventional department stores. But did you know that Goodwill is also a leader in traditional recycling?

In 2015, Goodwill Industries-Knoxville did the following to help our planet:

We diverted over 18,000,000 pounds of material from the landfills.

From putting unwanted clothes to reuse to providing recycling services for business and municipalities, we kept a whopping 9,027 tons out of the landfill.

We recycled 867,450 pounds of electronics.

We do this through Dell Reconnect, a partnership with Dell that allows us to recycle all computer-related electronics.

We securely shred and recycled 82,600 pounds of documents.

We shred sensitive documents from individuals and companies and then recycle them, preventing them from ending in a landfill.