Why We're Thankful

As we prepare for the holiday season, the staff at Goodwill want to share why they are feeling grateful. 

I am so thankful that I work with a group that reminds me daily why our mission is so important to us! We have personally seen the difference that Goodwill has made in our clients, our customers and in our own lives. Anyone can work for a paycheck. It takes a special group of individuals to work to improve the world, one person at a time.

--- Cathy Manning, Jackboro Goodwill Store

As an employee of Goodwill Industries – Knoxville, Inc., I am grateful for the honor of working with our clients, of the privilege of witnessing the transformation in them as they acquire new skills and gain new confidence, of knowing that they have attained some of their life goals.  I’m also grateful for the opportunity of working with a team who are dedicated to continuous learning and growing and to providing amazing customer service to our clients.

--- Penny Williams, Customer Service Program Manager

We are working with autistic children and I have learned so much about them and have seen how much they are capable of and how hard they push themselves to get ready to get a job. I feel blessed to be able to be a part of making a difference for these sweet children.

--- Tonya Washam, Maynardville Goodwill Store

I’m thankful that coming to work each day provides me with the opportunity to effect change in my community.  Watching the news, it’s easy to feel powerless in our ability to promote kindness and create a community that supports one another.  Whether it’s assisting someone through the interview/new hire process for becoming an employee at Goodwill or developing and offering vocational training programs that assist individuals with barriers to employment to become more marketable and obtain competitive employment, I know that working at Goodwill provides me with the platform to change the world in which I live.  

--- Meaghan Johnson, Vice President of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation Services

I am very thankful to God, and the fact that I was able to land this job at Goodwill. My wife and I just moved here Oct. 1st and for both of us to have employment so quick was a blessing. I love Goodwill because everyone who works there is doing a job for the betterment of others. May you be blessed this season, and may you know the blessings you all have bestowed on others.

--- Eric Looker, Back on Track Program Assistant

I am thankful to have my dream job. I always wanted to work for a non-profit that aligned with my beliefs of helping others to better our communities. I love protecting our mission, staff, clients, and guests. A surprise added bonus I wasn’t aware of before working here was how much joy I have when seeing the clients excel. My heart is full working with my coworkers every day to protect our mission. 

--- Karen Conley, Safety Director


Working with Goodwill lets me meet so many different people from all walks of life. Now, we have started a program for autistic children and I am learning more each day - how I can be a better help for them.

--- Pat Laney, Mayardville Goodwill Store

I like my job because we are helping others and I love the joy the clients bring to the hallways and offices of Kingston Pike location.

--- Jerresha Tinker, Youth Services Coordinator

I love my job. I meet so many amazing people - clients, customers, donors and coworkers - each with their own inspiring stories. It's my job to share those stories, bringing the Goodwill mission to life. I love sharing the experiences of our clients who are improving their lives. I love sharing the feeling of success when someone shares an cool purchase they made. I love helping our donors see how they are making a difference simply by giving us clothes they don't need anymore. It's an encouraging place to work, and I'm so thankful for this job that means so much.

--- Erin Rosolina, Director of Marketing

Mine is simple but true: I am thankful for a wonderful place to come to work where I truly feel like I work with family. And that isn't just in my store - that includes all of the Goodwill staff! And, as a plus, I get to stand behind and support a great mission! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to ALL of my Goodwill family!

--- Tammy Germani, Hardin Valley Goodwill Store

I’m thankful to know that I work among people who will help and go out of their way to make me feel a part of something very special - that make me strive to be a more caring and better person than I was yesterday.

--- Lana King, Oneida Goodwill Store

We want to say thank you in person. Join us on Giving Tuesday, November 29th, for a Donor Appreciation Day from 8am to noon. Pick up donuts, coffee and snacks for the road! Learn more here.

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