Get Crafty with Easy Sweater DIYs

Create gorgeous and personalized crafts using repurposed sweaters from Goodwill. Here are a few of our favorite DIY projects, all highly customizable and all really fun! Just click the image below for the tutorial and get crafting!

A few quick tips:

  • Don't be afraid! Some of the tutorial below are no-sew, and many only require a basic stitch. Remember, crafting should be fun, so don't stress making every detail perfect!
  • When picking out sweaters, look for our color sales! We always have one color tag listed for 50% off - pick out a sweater that's on sale!
  • If you're worried about fraying edges, pick out an acrylic or acrylic blend sweater; this is less likely to unravel on you!
  • Mix and match! When you're using multiple sweaters for one project, mix textures and colors for more impact.
  • Add your own flair! The tutorial below are great for inspiration, but you can go a step further and make them your own. Use ribbons, buttons, broaches and other fun Goodwill finds as decorations!