The Tiniest of Costumes

Want costume ideas for everyone in the family?  Download the "Be Your Own Monster" costume lookbook!

Want costume ideas for everyone in the family? Download the "Be Your Own Monster" costume lookbook!

With Halloween fast approaching, everyone should be planning their costumes. This includes the smallest among us, the babies. You might be tempted to exclude these tiny people from dressing up; however, you should reconsider this opportunity for overwhelming cuteness. Items designed for babies are, in general, adorable, and Halloween costumes are no exception. In fact, I feel like they are the pinnacle of cuteness. If you are a parent of a very young child, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the potential opportunity for a darling memory or picture to look back on.

If you want your child to look positively precious but don’t want to spend $30-$40 (or even $60!) on a costume that your child will likely only wear once, then I have some suggestions of what you could look for at your local Goodwill to make your baby’s Halloween adorable and cost effective. Warning: these pictures may fool you into believing that having a baby will be nothing but a 24/7 precious costume party.

If you get to a Goodwill soon, we have a lot of Halloween specific items, but they go fast! Perhaps you can find an already made costume, or some pumpkin accessories. This little skeleton is frighteningly adorable.

If you can’t locate the perfect pre-made outfit, never fear! With a little creativity, you can make adorable outfits without using the Halloween section at all! Plus, your child will have an amazing unique outfit. If you find a khaki, brown, or green outfit, gather up some stuffed animals and they can be a zoo keeper! The perfect accessories can really complete an outfit!

You could also find a white shirt, a blue dress, and some red shoes, and you child can be a little Dorothy. We picked out a Toto in a basket, a scarecrow, and a cowardly lion so our little Dorothy would make it safely to the Wizard of Oz.  

These are just a few examples of what you might be able to find at Goodwill to make your baby’s Halloween costume, but the possibilities are endless!

If you dress up your baby (or yourself) this Halloween with clothes you find at Goodwill, post a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Enter in the Ghoulishly Goodwill Costume Contest for your chance to win a family membership to the Knoxville Zoo! Get all the details here!