A Sweater for All Occasions

I am so excited for fall to finally be here and not just taunt me with a few low temperature mornings. In my opinion, fall is the absolute best season. I love the crisp air, the changing leaves, and especially the clothes. Sweaters, boots, jackets, scarves, and just layers in general are some of my favorite things to wear. I think this video perfectly captures how I feel about my fall wardrobe.

The problem with my obsession with fall clothes it that these items are typically among the most expensive to purchase. New high quality cozy sweaters and riding boots can cost a ridiculous amount of money, particularly if you are on a budget. The good news for me (and you!) is that Goodwill has an amazing selection of all the fall fashion you are looking for, and it is way more affordable. I recently shopped for sweaters after work, and I found two really thick comfy sweaters that will be perfect for fall and I spent less than $10. Everything you need for the changing seasons can be found at Goodwill in excellent condition if you know when to look.

Right now is the ideal time to stock up on all your fall and winter necessities because when the cooler weather rolls around, everyone will be going to Goodwill looking for clothes they can wear right then. Beat them to all the good stuff: shop ahead and shop often. The hardest part about shopping right now for clothes for cooler weather is staring at all the clothes in your closet that you are dying to wear, but it’s just not quite time. If I had it my way, I would be wearing a thick sweater or when other people are still wearing shorts.

To share my love of fall with you, I picked out a sweater and three different outfits that you could pair it with for fall. Perhaps this will inspire ways you can to mix in sweaters, scarves or jackets to make new outfits. This sweater caught my eye because it has fall colors, it is super soft, and I can imagine pairing it with so many different outfits.

First I picked out this pink dress that coordinates with the stripes on the sweater. This is a sleeveless dress, and pairing it with a sweater would help you extend the life of a favorite summer piece.

The second ensemble I found is the one I am looking forward to wearing the most this season. I found an orange Loft top, and some American Eagle Jeans for a more casual fall outfit. I think this would be so cozy and would go well paired with a pair of boots; perfect for hay rides, bonfires, or corn mazes.

My final outfit is to spice up a professional wardrobe. Assuming you don’t need to wear suits to your office every day, the work place is an awesome place to mix in your new pieces. I paired this sweater with a basic pair of black pants from Talbots and an off white button down shirt. I love this look, and it has given me new ideas of what I could wear in the office in the next couple of months.

So if you are looking forward to fall or you just want to stay warm as the cold weather moves in, go to your local Goodwill and scoop up the sweaters and scarves before they are gone. Also follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you can see some of the awesome stuff we have in our stores and stay on top of what is on sale every week!