Guest Post: Goodwill Thanksgiving Tablescape

I love Christmas. And I love bargains. But I also love to eat as much as I can in a 24-hour period without being judged for it. Thank you, Thanksgiving, for allowing me that luxury.

There are many of you out there who would argue that Christmas is the best holiday. There are also many of you out there who are preparing for Black Friday by clipping your coupons and compiling lists of everything you need to make this Christmas the best yet. But did you know that those post-food coma bargains are not the only bargains to be had this time of year?

Goodwill is like a year round Black Friday sale, but one you don’t have to clip coupons for, stand in line for hours, or tackle other shoppers. It’s basically a treasure hunt every time you walk through the doors because new items are added each day!

While everyone is preparing their tables for the ultimate feast (or setting up their Christmas trees), I wanted to put together a Thanksgiving tablescape with pieces from Goodwill to inspire your Thanksgiving decor this year and also to show you that you don’t have to buy new china to create a beautiful holiday setting.

While I was scavenging these items for my tablescape at my local Goodwill, a woman who was on her own treasure hunt stopped, looked in my cart and said to me, “You’re a smart young lady. I told my husband if I were young again that I would get all of my stuff from Goodwill.”

Take this woman’s advice. Save money, avoid the crowds and create a unique tablescape this year so your family can feast in peace.

Note: Everything pictured below is from Goodwill except for forks and the napkins, which I furnished myself. 

About Jill Vernich

Jill is a senior studying communication studies and tourism and hospitality management at UT. She is always up for an adventure and likes to spend her free time searching for hidden treasures at Goodwill like her 1958 seafoam green typewriter. Find Jill's blog here.