Getting the Group Together: Halloween Costumes that Rock!

Group costumes can make Halloween more fun than going solo. Getting the group together, shopping for the items you need, dressing up and going out trick-or-treating or to a party is just more fun when you’re with a group!

It can be hard to think of ideas for awesome group costumes, so I have some inspiration for you! Almost all of the items needed to make these costumes could be found in Goodwill stores at low prices.

Fun fact: all the pictures below were from contestants in the 2014 Ghoulishly Goodwill Costume Contest! If you dress up this year, in a group or by yourself, don’t forget to submit your photo in this year's contest. You could win a family membership to the Knoxville Zoo! Get the details here!

The Cast of Clue

This is a very simple group costume, and the outfits would be very easy to find. All you would need are color-coordinating clothes and a mysterious attitude.

Ms. Peacock: a blue dress and a fur (We have real and faux!)

Mr. Green: a green suit, white shirt, tie, and dress shoes

Miss Scarlet: A red dress and a feather boa.

Colonel Mustard: A yellow or light brown suit and a brown satchel.

Mrs. White: a black dress and a white apron.

Professor Plum: Purple suit, white shirt, and a bow tie.

Then decorate some manila envelopes and add some props (candle stick, rope) and you are good to go!

Scooby Doo and Gang

This is also an easy costume, and the pieces should be simple to find at any of our locations.

Shaggy: Green shirt and brown pants.

Velma: Orange sweater, pink skirt, and orange knee socks, pink shoes.

Daphne: A purple dress, green scarf, and purple shoes

Fred: A white shirt, orange scarf, and blue pants

Scooby-Doo: Find a brown shirt and pants and paints spots on it, and blue collar with a ‘SD’ tag.

Crafting a Mystery Machine bus is optional but encouraged!

Cinderella Story

This group of costumes requires a bit more crafting, but are still fairly simple.

Prince Charming: a white shirt, gold ribbon, red pants, and something to make the gold shoulder pads, more properly called “epaulettes”. This family made theirs out of a gold fringe pillow - get creative!

Fairy Godmother: a blue dress, and pink material to make a bow. Wand optional.

Cinderella: Light blue dress, silver or clear shoes, and a tiara. If you’re feeling creative, you could make the tiara out of pipe cleaners, wire, a headband, or anything else that sparkles! Keep your eyes peeled as you walk through Goodwill for the perfect tiara materials.

Zombie Wedding Party

This zombie wedding party won third place in our Ghoulishly Goodwill Costume Contest last year! For this quick costume you need clothes you don’t mind to ruin, which is easier to justify if you get them at Goodwill prices rather than buying them new. Keep an eye out for clothes that have the color tag that is on sale, and get those items 50% off! You can check which color is on sale here.

Zombie bride: Take a wedding dress, rip it up a little, and add fake blood.

Zombie groom: Take a suit, rip it up a little, and add fake blood.

Regular zombies: Take regular clothes, rip them up a little, and add fake blood.

Really this costume is all about looking like you have been eating some brains.

If you’d like some instruction on how to rip up your clothes, here's a video from our friends in Chicago on how to achieve the perfect undead look!

Whatever costume you choose, group costume or not, look at Goodwill first for the things you need to make it. You will spend less and will support our mission of providing vocational services and employment opportunities for people with barriers to employment.

Want even more ideas? Check out this list of winning group costumes, or take a look at our “Be Your Own Monster” costume idea kit. Check out the Ghoulishly Goodwill Costume Contest for your chance to win prizes from the Knoxville Zoo and like us on Facebook for more Halloween ideas, tips and tutorials!