Individualized Work Adjustment services, designed to establish appropriate social behaviors and work habits necessary to successfully obtain and maintain competitive employment, are based on information obtained from the Vocational Assessment, the client and the referral source.

Adults participating in the Work Adjustment program are typically referred by the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) or The Veteran’s Administration (VA) Vocational Rehabilitation Program. The program is often utilized to increase stamina, manual dexterity and work tolerance, and improve social interaction and stress management. Length of time in the program varies based on individual needs and referral source guidelines.

Industrial Services Division Training

This program is designed to further develop individuals’ skills, as related to working in an industrial contract environment. Participants develop valuable skills in all areas of processing, quality control, packaging, and shipping, while also earning a training wage. The program allows participants the opportunity to operate specialized equipment such as a heat sealer or heat tunnel, shrink wrapping, binding tools, and pallet jacks.

Janitorial Services Division Training

The Janitorial Services program provides participants with work experience and training in a custodial setting, via the use of service contracts with private employers and government agencies, where specific job skills relating to the appropriate use of janitorial cleaning equipment and methods are learned and training wages are earned.