The Supported Employment program is a cooperative effort between The Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) and Goodwill Industries-Knoxville, Inc. It is designed to assist individuals in obtaining and maintaining employment, while receiving the necessary job coaching and supports needed in order to be successful.

The Supported Employment process typically includes an initial consultation with the individual, Goodwill staff and the DRS Counselor where job goals are discussed and an action plan is developed.  After the consultation, the individual and Goodwill staff will work together to explore potential job opportunities until the right job is found.  Once employment is obtained, Goodwill staff are there to assist with all aspects of the job until the individual is ready to work independently.  Ongoing support is provided indefinitely.

Once the individual is placed in the community, ongoing supports are provided to ensure success. Visits are made to the place of employment a minimum of twice per month or on an as-needed basis. Additional job coaching will always be available if the need should arise of if new duties are assigned.