The Placement program is typical offered in the following sequence: Job Readiness Training, Placement and Retention. During Job Readiness Training, individuals are assisted to self-identify barriers to employment using a Job Readiness Assessment and develop a plan for decreasing or eliminating those barriers so that employment can be obtained. Job Readiness Training sessions may occur on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting. 

Individuals in the program develop a resume, list of references and contingency plan and complete at least two mock interviews in the community. Placement is the component of the program where individuals are assisted with job search and assisted to obtain employment.

Retention includes on-site and off-site consultation with the individual and the employer to ensure all expectations of both parties are being met. Retention services may also include training for the employer and problem solving techniques with the individual. Successful employment occurs after 90 days of continuous employment and expressed satisfaction from the employer and the individual.