Goodwill Works: Meet Julie

After years plagued by illness and raising her daughter, Julie was ready and eager to enter the workforce again. Julie began to research what steps she would need to take to go back to work in a field where she could leverage her passion for helping others.

Through Goodwill’s Self-Paced Computer Learning Program, Julie learned Microsoft Office Suite, she made many friendships, and completed her first step in preparing to successfully get back into the workforce. Now that she had computer skills under her belt, it was time to learn what it meant to work in today’s work environment, through Goodwill’s Work Adjustment program.

Together with Morgan Fricks, a Goodwill Workforce Development Specialist, Julie started to explore her passions and different ways those could be utilized in the workforce. She gained insight on to where she wanted to work and what she loved to do. Morgan helped Julie to prepare for the interview process. Then, Julie successfully completed mock interviews to prepare her to nail her interview for the job she had set her sights on. Julie knew she wanted to work at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital (ETCH) in the late 90’s as Patient Care Assistant and always wanted to work for them again since she loves the medical field and kids. She was tenacious and checked ETCH’s website every day for an open position that would be a good fit. Then, Julie found a job she would be great at doing at ETCH – helping others in Registration.  She immediately notified Morgan and Julie applied online. Within 4/5 days, Julie got a call for an interview. She was so excited! Julie started with ETCH in her new position, just completed her 90 days, and is now working in the Emergency Room Registration Department. Julie could not be happier.

Julie shared some advice for anyone on the fence thinking about asking for help. “I’d been out of work for so long and knew I needed to freshen up on some skills, which I knew had affected my confidence. Never be afraid to ask for help. You are wasting time if you don’t ask for help after trying to do it by yourself.”

She has lead by example and taught her daughter a valuable life lesson – Never Give Up! When Julie was asked why she thought others should go to Goodwill for help with job training when they have barriers to overcome to get to work, she replied, “Goodwill gives you the encouragement you need, which helps you gain confidence, all while helping to lead you to your goals to help you succeed.”

Thank you for donating, shopping, and helping Julie find the support she needed to achieve her goals and empower her life change through the power of work!