Halloween How To: DIY Post-Apocalyptic Gear

In a pinch for your Halloween costume? Check out this video and try turning some Goodwill finds into post- apocalyptic gear! 

What you will need:

  • white, brown, silver or gold metallic paints
  • Goodwill clothes and gear - preferably brown or dark green in color. We chose boots, a jacket, a camera bag and ski goggles.
  • a paintbrush 
  • scissors
  • stencil (optional)

This look is pretty simple! Simply use your paints and your creativity to make the gear look worn. The stencils give that great post-apocalyptic military-issued vibe. Add texture to make gear look dusty and rusty.

Try your creative hand with this look and happy haunting! When you've completed the perfect Halloween costume, be sure to enter the Ghoulishly Goodwill Costume Contest for your chance to win great prizes!